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FireHawk HID are the most efficient aftermarket HID kits on the US market because they are specially designed for the North American climate. Our ballasts, igniters and bulbs are vigourously tested at high and very low temperatures.

You've got the right car for you, and we've got the right HID kit for you!

Every component included in our HID kits are guaranteed to be in brand new condition. All of our ballasts are completely sealed to be water and dust proof.

Here's why FireHawk Supernova Series HID kits are superior quality compared to everything else on the US market:

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The following bulbs type are available:


FireHawk xenon halogen bulbs recreate the perfect lighthing appearance of HID. Ligthing up the road with 6500k of light for a very nice and sharp white pattern, these bulbs will increase the driver's visibility. They are available in a wide range of bulb types.

Single filament: H1 - H3 - H3C - H7 - H11 - 9005/9005XS- 9006/9006XS - 880/881

Dual filament: H4 - H13 - 9004 - 9007

MSRP: 35.99$USD