Frequently Asked Questions

Color Temperature ChartIs 8000K brighter than 6000K ?

The correct answer is no. The Kelvin scale is a measure of the color temperature, not intensity or amount of light. HID setups that produce maximum light output are around 4100-4300K colour temperature, and the higher you go, the less light output. A 12000K HID kit will be dimmer than your stock halogen lights. 4100-4300K kits will have the colour of all the HID lights you see on cars that come equipped with them (like most BMWs, Mercedes-Benz', and other luxury vehicles). The colour is very white, while light output becomes progressively bluer as colour temperature rises; 6000K is white/blue, 8000K is very blue, and above that you go towards purple. The purple/blueish color you see on OEM HID equipped cars is the light refraction in the projector glass.

Where to buy FireHawk HID ?

To locate a FireHawk dealer near you, please email us at

How do I find out which light bulb I need ?

With so many makes, models and trim levels of vehicles, it is important that you check and make sure what type of bulb your particular vehicle needs. You can find the type of bulbs your specific vehicle uses in several locations. One place is the head light lens; the bulb type will be molded into it. Another place is on the bulb itself. The bulb type and wattage will be printed or molded into the base. The vehicle owner’s manual may also tell you what type of bulb you need for your headlights and / or fog lights. When in doubt, check with your dealer or owner's manual.

What should I do if I touch the bulb ?

Never touch the bulb glass with your skin as oil from your hands can shorten the life of the bulb. If you do touch the bulb, remove these oils with alcohol and a very soft cotton cloth.

What about the watts / consumption ?

A 35-Watt HID lamp produces up to 3x the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55-Watt halogen bulb. HID lamp systems draw significantly less power from your vehicles electrical system.

What do our HID CONVERSION KITS include ?

The FireHawk HID Conversion Kits include all necessary parts needed for installation. The kits will include (2) Direct-Plug HID Bulbs (for perfect and easy installation), (2) Slim Ballasts with digital Igniters, along with all necessary wiring. Our FireHawk HID Conversion Kits are plug and play, which is perfect for a clean and accurate installation.

Will DRL (daytime running lights) or "Auto Switch On" affect the HID kit ?

For vehicles with DRL that use the same bulb for both DRL and low beam you will need to deactivate your DRL. DRL operate on reduced wattage or fluctuating current levels. This will cause the HID system to flicker and burn out prematurely. Please ensure that your OEM headlight harness is providing a constant 12V to ensure that no damage will be made to the HID system. It's possible and suggested to make a new system to power up the DRL. You can click on the diagram below for some explanation on how to do this.

How long will these bulbs last ?

HID lamps are designed to last for the life of your vehicle. They will run for approx 3500 hours. Our lamp kits and bulbs are made of the finest materials available.

The ballasts make some electric noise when first turned on.

This is absolutely normal as the ballasts are absorbing power from the battery to start up. That's why you can hear electrical noise. If you have an interference problem with your car AM/FM antenna you can buy an isolator. Ask your FireHawk dealer about it.

I got a warning lamp on in my dashboard, what to do ?

For newer high-end cars like BMWs, Volvo's, Mercedes-Benz' and others, you might have some trouble with the "burnt lamp" warning in your cluster. Ask your FireHawk dealer for a warning canceller. It is very easy to install (plug-in)